Senior Supportive Services

Taking Care of All Necessary Details

Hiring a Volen Center private care manager ensures an individualized care plan and viable options for successful community living. Volen Center care managers meet with you and your loved one in the comfort of your home to determine all supports that will address your ongoing personal needs and improve your quality of life.

Volen Center care managers are knowledgeable about the availability, quality, and cost of community services and resources. They serve as your advocate – taking care of all the necessary details to get you and your loved one what is best.

Volen Center private care managers recognize the importance of serving the entire family – relieving caregivers and out-of-town relatives. Private care managers understand the challenges associated with life transitions.

Call upon a Volen Center private care manager for:

  • Discreet comprehensive assessment and individualized profile detailing the support you will receive
  • Respectful services and effective solutions that maximize dignity, security, independence, and well-being

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Private geriatric care management
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