Reasons To Support

Contribute to the Volen Center’s future by planning a special kind of gift.

The Volen Center has been providing invaluable services to the community for over 45 years. With a strong focus on health and wellness, the Volen Center provides medical and counseling services to adults in need and with your generous help, the Center can reach its ongoing goals of providing quality services such as transportation, meals, adult day care, and active life programming to the community well into the future!

Under the careful stewardship of the President/CEO who has led the Center for almost 20 years, as well as a discerning Board of Directors, you can enjoy peace of mind that your gift will be put to good use.

You can be a part of the excitement of charitable giving when you bestow a gift to the Center. There are many ways to share in the satisfaction that giving brings. One of the simplest ways to support the Volen Center’s future, a bequest, provides a gift for the Center in your will. Simple language can be added to your will indicating your desire to help the Volen Center.

You may also choose to designate where you think your gift is needed the most. Here are some areas where you can help:

  • Sustain programs such as the Wellness Clinic, the Volen Bistro, and Counseling and Support Groups which rely solely on contributions.
  • Help keep the Transportation program operating.
  • Support the Volen Center’s Adult Day Care program.


The Volen Center depends on your assistance and generosity. Your contributions will be used to provide invaluable programs and services to people right here in your community.

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We hope that you will support our efforts to make community happen.