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My dearest Jared,

Thank you for your awesome hospitality and allowing the seniors to enjoy our fabulous Thanksgiving celebration. We had a wonderful time at the Volen Center. The luncheon was delicious, and merely thinking about the scrumptious food and dessert my mouth waters.

Thank you for your love and kindness; it is making my golden years memorable.
Jared, you are to be applauded for your awesome program, services, efficient staff, and service always with a smile. Once again, I truly appreciate your love and kindness; it is making my golden years very memorable.  I wish you blessings galore in all your endeavors.

Warm regards,Phyllis M. Bernier

 The Volen Center is my haven, my place that gives me back my voice and my independence…. It fulfills many needs for me. I have friends here and I feel blessed every day that I can be myself again in this safe and nurturing place. My voice is loud and clear and I find comfort that I can be with others who may be experiencing similar life events and changes as I am experiencing.

Together we can share our stories, our passions, and our fears and find our voices and ourselves once again. The Volen Center provides many classes for us to continue our journey of learning, and music to soothe that ache in our hearts, and the employees give us those hugs that have become our lifeline to feeling loved and safe and warm.

Let’s conquer this fear of being a senior citizen together and in the meantime, be patient with one another’s challenges, encourage each other that we are doing a great job and let’s not be afraid of tomorrow. Let’s face it all together and keep sharing our yesterdays to remind ourselves that we are and have been important human beings on this earth. Let’s learn together to rid ourselves of the anger, the angst, the fears, and let’s continue to have hope, hope that our friends and families do not have to suffer and together we can be strong and survive.  Let’s embrace being senior citizens….we rock!

The highlight of every day for my mother was attending the Volen Center.  She's been going there for over 5 years and attended every single day.  She loved the socializing and above all, the sing-a-longs.  She knew the words to just about every old song and would love to either lead the sing-a-long or help others with the words. The Volen Center made her feel like she had a "purpose" to get out of bed everyday and in her mind, the purpose was to have fun!  Even as she weakened, had trouble walking and functioning, she was determined to keep going to the Volen Center.  In fact, the last day that she attended was Friday, August 12 and by Monday, August 15 she was in bed with 24 hour hospice care ordered.  She passed away a week later at age 98. As for our family, the Volen Center allowed us to keep her in our home and go about our family life with some semblance of normalcy.  I work and it allowed me to continue with my job and have peace of mind that my mother was not only well taken care of but having a good time every day.Thanks for what you do for our community and families.  You provide such a tremendous service to the area and we are forever grateful. - Kathy and Charlie August 2016

Thank you so much to The Volen Center for providing my dad a center full of friendship and love!" - L.C.  May 2016

The Caregiver Support group has been an important source of strength during this most challenging time... I came to the support group in January, 2014. At that time, I was having great stress over my wife’s condition. After five months of attending meetings, my stress level has diminished. This is due to: understanding that I am not alone, that other people have greater problems than I do, and to the counseling group facilitator.” - David L.

"We would especially like to commend you and your caregivers on the beautiful way you are dealing with your clients' special needs. Anyone could tell the people in your care are loved and cherished no matter what their special needs might be. It was a pleasure to meet each of them individually and find out a little bit about them." 
Sincerely, George and Marion Frega, One Plus One Band

"The Volen Center is a wonderful, SAFE place for a person with dementia. The staff is so kind. I feel that the staff is like family. They are always ready to help. The bus drivers are helpful, patient and kind."- Carole M.

"The Volen Adult Day Care Center has become a wonderful addition to my mother’s life. It gives her the ability to leave her present day-to-day living conditions and explore other options… The moment you enter the facility, you are greeted by knowledgeable, caring personnel. [Clients] families know they are safe from the moment they arrive until they are back at their residences."
- C.H.

"I want to express our thanks for the wonderful service provided by the Volen Center to my father. He has been going every day for almost two years and I can say that the care and attention he receives are beyond compare… We can’t say enough good things about this great facility."
- D. & R. L.

"About a year ago, I decided to send my wife to an adult care that had memory care. It was a very difficult time for me as I was very nervous about sending my wife somewhere. The staff has been extremely friendly, passionate and attentive. Now, after many months, my wife enjoys going there and I am confident that the staff is taking good care of my wife…"
- Sheldon Z.

"About two years ago, my husband… was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I began looking for a day care center and decided to try the Volen Center. From the day he started, he enjoyed the Volen Center and looked forward to returning. I find the staff a devoted and caring group of employees. I feel lucky to have found the Volen Center. "
- Irma N.

I would like to commend the staff at the Volen Center. In 2013, my father-in-law suffered a massive stroke which left him incapable of walking or caring for himself. Our family made the decision to care for him at home, but with that decision came a lot of new responsibilities and an extremely large learning curve. However, with the help of your staff, we have been able to take care of our dad at home and know that he is being taken care of during the day. We are confident that he is loved, respected and taken care of with dignity… We are truly grateful…
- Paula H.

"My heart felt thanks to everyone at the Volen Center. Your services enable me to keep my mother in our house. Through your programs and support she continues to thrive. Your staff is caring and compassionate. Mom is greeted with a smile every day and is given the dignity and respect she deserves."
- Susan G.

"[Our family] would like to express our extreme gratitude to the Volen Center. Because our dad attends the Volen Center, his daughters can work and fulfill family responsibilities. We couldn’t do so without the support of the Volen Center. The activities offer my father a multitude of benefits that help his dementia… It also offers emotional and counseling support for the family and caregivers. We would not know what to do without the support of the Volen Center, especially the transportation. I can’t say enough about how caring all of the staff is."
- The F. Family

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