Career Opportunities

Dining Site Coordinator

Administer the meal program in compliance with guidelines under the Older American’s Act (OAA) and according to the Volen Center procedures.  Provides direct oversight, guidance, and support to dining site managers to ensure compliance with all State, Federal and Local guidelines as well as Volen Center policies and procedures.

Key Tasks:

  • Supervise dining site managers and oversees daily dining site operations at various sites.
  • Prepares summary reports related to all quality assurance activities.
  • Coordinate schedule of dining site managers to ensure all sites have adequate coverage.
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly reports, including client site rosters, client enrollment and data entry.
  • Conduct monthly meetings with dining site managers and key staff.
  • Recruit and train dining site volunteers.

Required Education

Candidate must possess good oral communication skills and a clear speaking voice.  Must be pleasant and courteous when dealing with others.  Must have excellent working knowledge of computers and data entry standards.  Experience in applying quality assurance standards a plus. 

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